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News, reviews, how-tos and community for the Apple consumer. Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X to version The upgrade delivers a new Metal-based engine designed to improve playback and accelerate graphics tasks including rendering, real-time effects and exporting on Metal-compatible Macs. Final Cut Pro works with the Sidecar feature of macOS Catalina that enables users to extend their Mac workspace by using iPad as a second display to show the browser or viewer. Video editors can use Sidecar with a cable or they can connect wirelessly whether they are working on the go with a Mac notebook or in the edit suite with a Mac desktop.

2015 MacBook Final Cut Pro X 4K Video Performance Test

The company says this means that rendering is up to 2. Final Cut Pro X users who buy the inch Pro Display XDR can view, edit, grade and deliver high dynamic range video with 1, nits of full screen sustained brightness, 1, nits peak brightness and a 1,, contrast ratio.

A Week Editing with the New MacBook Pros and Final Cut Pro X

The ability to grade high dynamic range video with enhanced color mask and range isolation tools. The ability to view high dynamic range video tone-mapped to compatible standard dynamic range displays when using Final Cut Pro, Motion or Compressor on macOS Catalina. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. View As: One Page Slides. The subscription not only gets you program updates, which Adobe delivers semiannually, but also GB of cloud storage for syncing media.

That's a massive cut from the price of its predecessor, Final Cut Pro 7, which took a thousand-dollar toll on users. It's also a much better deal than Premiere Pro, since in less than a year and a half, you'd spend as much on Adobe's product and still have to keep paying. Note that Final Cut Pro X often referred to by the acronym FCPX is only available from the Mac App Store, which is good because that handles updates and lets you install the program on multiple computers when you're signed into the same store account. On macOS, you need version It requires macOS Your timeline content is called a Sequence, and you can have Nested Sequences, Subsequences, and Subclips for organizational help.

Work at a faster clip.

The timeline also has tabs for different sequences, which can be helpful if you're working with nested sequences. Longtime video editors are likely more comfortable with this than with Apple's more inventive trackless Magnetic Timeline. Adobe's system also fits with some pro workflows in which the track layouts are in an expected order.

It works differently from a lot of video editing apps, however, because it separates a video clip's audio track from its soundtrack. The timeline is very scalable and offers the usual ripple, roll, razor, slip, and slide tools. The UI is extremely configurable, letting you undock any and all panels. You can show or hide thumbnails, waveforms, keyframes, and FX badges. There are seven preconfigured workspaces for things like Assembly, Editing, Color, and Titles, compared with Final Cut's mere three.

Apple Final Cut Pro X: Apple's innovative trackless Magnetic Timeline is both easier on the eyes than the tradition timeline interface and offers several editing advantages, such as Connected Clips, Roles descriptive labels like Video, Titles, Dialog, Music, and Effects , and Auditions. This makes keeping everything in sync easier than in Premiere.

Auditions lets you designate optional clips or takes for a spot in your movie, and you can group clips into Compound Clips—roughly the equivalent of Premiere's Nested Sequences.

How to Get Final Cut Pro X for FREE [No Torrents Required]

The FCPX interface is less configurable than Premiere's—you can't split panels off into their own windows, except for the Preview window. Speaking of the Preview window, it's very spare in the control department—there's just a play and pause option. Winner: Tie.

As with folders, you can have bins within bins. You can also apply color labels to assets, but not keyword tags. The newer Libraries panel lets you share assets among other Adobe applications like Photoshop and After Effects. The Library is the overarching container that includes your projects, events, and clips, and it keeps track of all your edits and options. You can also manage storage targets and perform batch clip renaming. Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Premiere Pro supports 43 audio, video, and image formats—pretty much any media of any level of professionalism you throw at it, and any media for which you have codecs installed on your computer.

That even includes Apple ProRes. There's not much video you can create or import that Premiere can't support. It, too, supports XML import and export. You can use it to make adjustments as the project plays.

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New tracks are automatically created when you drop an audio clip in the timeline, and you can specify types like Standard which can contain a combination of mono and stereo files , mono, stereo, 5. Double-clicking the VU meters or panning dials returns their levels to zero. The audio meters next to Premiere's timeline are resizable and let you solo any track. The program also supports hardware controllers and third-party VSP plugins. It can automatically fix hum, noise, and peaks, or you can manually adjust these, if you prefer. Over 1, royalty-free sound effects are included, and there's lots of plug-in support.

One impressive trick is the ability to match separately recorded tracks. New support for Apple Logic Pro plug-ins give you even more powerful sound editing options. Finally, you get a surround-sound mixer to locate or animate 5. Needless to say, it dovetails smoothly with Premiere Pro. That said, it's harder to master than Apple Motion, which has added many of AE's capabilities in recent versions. It's the tool to learn if you're interested in a professional video editing career.

The BruceX benchmark

You will be asked to enter your User Password. Type your password and click Install Software.

When the installation has finished, close the window, and navigate to your Applications folder. Scroll down and double click on the Final Cut Pro Trial. A dialogue will inform you that you are starting your 30 day trial and give you the option to purchase the app. Click ok. Next, Final Cut informs you of changes that have been made to the software in the latest version. Click continue. The main window is divided into three separate work areas. The area in the upper left is for organizing your media, the area to the right is for playing back your media, and the area below is for editing your media.

In the top left is the Libraries Pane. This is where you organize and manage your Libraries and Events.

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Final Cut Pro opens with an empty Library when launched for the first time. To the right of the Libraries Pane is the Media Browser. This is where you can skim through your imported media looking for content to add to your movie.

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