Mac ogrady left handed swing

Mac O'Grady (or oGRADY), legendary eccentric, plays in Genesis Open qualifier

In that segment he's experimenting with some stuff but there's a few normal swings in there. Lots of speed with all these swings. Seems like a big secret or maybe an inside joke that I'm not privy to Phil McGleno was his given name But OUR phil is not Mac. I know cuz I asked the exact same question last year sometime: If you flip his lefty swing, does it look like his righty swing?

Will have to try this out myself. Very similar.

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Pivot is a little flatter, doesn't "re-center" himself as much with the lefty swing. More bend in the lead arm with the lefty swing. Camera angles aren't the same, camera is slightly behind Mac on the right and his body was aimed more left at address. In a practice round he was playing with Charles. We were watching this group all day.

On a hole late in the round Mac hit it to a couple of feet. Someone in the crowd yelled, "Let's see you do that left handed. The crowd erupted.

One of the first true memories of me being in awe on the golf course. Thx for the reply - now I won't be wondering every time Phil posts Mike, a couples of things about Mac's swing on the video: His stands got wider 2. Most of Mac's swings, he doesn't slide hips much but more rotational and his shoulders fully turned as always at the finish. And looking at P7. What's your thoughts?

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  3. Mac O'Grady (or oGRADY), legendary eccentric, plays in Genesis Open qualifier - Golf Digest.
  4. His stands got wider. Yes he'll need more rotation to keep the club and hands swinging left.

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    His hips still transfer at least 4 inches but he'll also let his upper center move forward as well. Might make it look like he's "sliding" less. Arms look pretty extended to me. He can't fully extend his right arm anymore, he broke it about 10 years ago. He's swinging his arms pretty fast, only way you can get your arms "past" your body like this.

    His head moves significantly forward on his downswing in these swings. Surprising he can strike the ball so crisply doing this. What are the thoughts on what he's doing here? Several rank amateurs like myself struggle with the head translating forward, and yet Mac does it and still plays the game at such an incredibly high level. The head is clearly going forward, and it's not coming back ever like it does below with driver.

    Obviously his DTL view is darn near perfect, but it's just surprising to me he can move his head forward this much. Part of the CP pattern, I think, is to allow the head to go forward a little?


    Also I just remembered mvmac telling me a while ago that he changes his pattern up based on something he may be demonstrating for someone, so maybe that's part of it too. Ah, Mac O'Grady, one of the unsung, or maybe "slightly sung" geniuses in golf!

    Mac O'Grady Swings - Page 3 - Instruction and Playing Tips - The Sand Trap .com

    Somewhat akin to Moe Norman. He is an eccentric in the truest, and perhaps best, sense of the word. He is totally obsessed with the golf swing! I read an article many years ago when O'Grady had played himself off the Tour. He was in Florida and opted to take a job at a driving range because one of his perks would be that he could hit all the balls he wanted. At this time he lived in a refrigerator box with a few clothes, a few pairs of shoes, and his golf bag and clubs.

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    He told the interviewer that if he took a "regular" job, that golf would slowly, but surely, disappear from his life and he couldn't have that! I also remember watching the telecast of a Tour event in which O'Grady was competing, way back in the day.

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    On a par 3 with the pin cut way to the left, he hit to the right. The ball bounced off a mound, skittered across the green, and cozied up next to the hole. A fan yelled out, "Great shot, Mac! He yelled back, "Great shot, Hell! That was pure luck! All COG's lower and transfer forward from It's a low fade pattern. It's not the pattern he played with. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

    Sign in here. By iacas , March 12, in Rules of Golf. By cooke , 22 hours ago in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting. By klineka , 18 minutes ago in Destinations and Travel. By iacas , December 31, in Instruction and Playing Tips. Welcome to TST! Signing up is free , and you'll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts! I don't have any physical resemblance to Mac. And I had to research him a lot to learn about him, but ever since Lag posted this here, I'm continually shocked by the similarities I have to this guy now If only I could hit the bloody ball right now.

    On a side note, I mentioned earlier I had to research Mac. And I hadn't seen the swing sequence he has here, instead I saw 'new' video from of him on Youtube, and the only thing I noted different was his ball position with driver. On the video he puts it about off his left foot! Which I was doing back in January.

    For some reason this does NOT work for me at all anymore. And I moved it back to where Mac has driver in this swing sequence. It makes me think I should try moving it back up to my left foot since right now my driving is garbage. I wonder why he did it? Possibly to give himself more squaring up time with the modern driver length? I may experiment with this again. Once a biological insight is deemed relevant, Mac tests it by hitting shots right handed. If he is satisfied with the results, then he will test it by hitting left handed.

    If the insight is valid, it must work the same- right handed or left handed.


    In this novel way of testing and training, mac's right side is the performer and the teacher, while the left side is the guinea pig. But this ambidextrous training and testing has yielded an unexpected bonus- tremendous balance and power and rotational agility, both sides of the trunk muscles are equally and symmetrically conditioned. Zaven Manjikian Mac's research associate Beautiful swing as a right hander and as a left hander. He even had at one point the odd numbered irons in right handed and the even numbered irons in left handed. Looked the same swing from either side of the ball- just as the photos show Thought it would be fun to post.

    In the meantime my game rallied and in I finally made it onto the tour. I did fine for a while but in I began to struggle. Finally in desperation I gave The Golfing Machine to my friend and assistant, Zaven Manjikian, and asked him to take the book apart. Zaven is a dentist by profession, but he is a scholar. By the end of I had won enough to keep my card- barely- then Zaven and I went to work on his findings. It took me a few months to adopt the changes, but once I did I was on my way.

    In short we came to realize that while The Golfing Machine is valuable in some areas, it is tragically flawed in others. We kept what worked and refined the rest. I have the magazine right in front of me and copied it word for word Seems to show there is always room for change- if Mac thought it was flawed and Lag thought it was flawed and even Clampett thought some parts were off the mark… Mac O' Grady interview With the next year came a turning point in O'Grady's life.

    Kelley, an engineer's aide in Seattle, had broken down the golf swing into 24 components and variations. The writing is at once mystical and scientific. I didn't even know what a degree angle was. Fumiko told me, 'You must go see this man. Then it will be a guided struggle, not a blind struggle. O'Grady became the teacher's pet, and his golf game improved What a starting poiint!

    I was ignorant of him, as well as most of this stuff remember my youth was spent in hockey rinks!

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