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Mac Pro remains a nice bargain I think Is this in reference to sound or looks? Either way I respectfully disagree. It wont power up without the casing on. Surely there's a switch or something, but I'm sure you can modify it to work. Ofcourse you are allowed, it is your site after all. You asked a question,were given an answer, probably a biased and personal one, which you were not pleased with.

Go figure. I have one 12 core Mac Pro. Multicore performance looks really great on the benchmarks but rarely does it get used to it's potential by software, at least within the Adobe ecosystem. Especially with After Effects renders these days. It's a shame. Adobe are a shame, rather.

Not Apple's problem! They did a superb job of the Mac Pro hardware. Next one going to be a stunning piece of kit. I have the 6 core and feel the same way. I love it for the most part, but After Effects has always been less than stellar.

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But from a regular surfing, photo editing, video editing, some gaming users point of view I just want to say Maybe since You have gotten older and slowed down it just seems faster even though it isn't! Or maybe Apple crippled it back then and feels sorry now for doing it, and gives you now what you should have had then. Endless possibilities. I think what really happened is like what happened with the older iPhones.

They crippled them with newer software updates, got sued by owners, and the feds forced them to make them back to what they were, faster. I don't really think Apple is going to do many favors to anyone to be honest unless they have to. And hey I have a bunch of apple stuff myself. Now FCPX is more efficient, that be true.

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While they might be fair tests for iMac V. Mac Pro, it is worth bearing in mind that the company doing the tests sells PC workstations. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Home Search In.

You won't believe how much you'll pay for a maxed-out Mac Pro

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Report post. Posted February 3, Multiple displays - can have 3x 4K displays on the desk.

Introduction and Release

Thunderbolt on Hackintosh is again a reliability issue and on PC it doesn't even work as it's a Mac standard. Liberates your PC from work desk, so you can use it for gaming, which is something it is actually good at High multicore performance - still right up there in MacOS upgrades don't break things risky on Hackintosh You avoid 5K retina display scaling issues in Premiere and can watch 4K material at 1: Tiny and semi-portable for a desktop There are a few drawbacks of course, as this is a 4 years old computer. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

It's that people unfairly malign the trashcan, and don't actually have hands-on experience. These guys did a benchmark you should see The on the other-hand To be clear, even the most highly modified Mac Pro 5. He tells clients that his computers will likely be competitive for another couple years, and that it will no longer make sense for him to modify these computers in about a year and a half as CPU and RAM technology in stock computers improves to the point where the components that are still compatible with old Mac Pros can no longer compete. He, like everyone else in the pro world, is anxiously waiting for Apple to announce new Mac Pros.

The Mac Pro Upgrade community is taking old "cheese grater" Mac Pros and putting cutting-edge graphics cards in them.

Mac Pro Memory Upgrades Up to GB

The specs often outperform even top-of-the-line new Apple computers. Big Little Frank. Where we're going, we don't need email.

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  7. Bride of Frankenmac: Which Mac should you buy? Late iMac review: Faster than before, but the gains over previous models Standard-configuration 3. At a Glance. Pros Impressive multi-core performance Dual workstation-class GPUs Fast internal storage Plenty of external-expansion options Compact, attractive design Quiet and relatively cool Many internal components upgradeable.

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