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Rather than panic, pick up the telephone and dial our computer support team for fast and efficient restoration of your desktop icons. We provide remote desktop services that you can see as you sit at your computer desk. It takes no time at all to diagnose the cause of your desktop icons disappearing and to make the repair. We offer Vista desktop icons missing service, XP desktop icons missing and can find Windows 7 desktop icons missing. We also provide service for all other brands and models of computer.

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Click the Edit your Question link. In the text edit window click the last icon of the 7 options on the top left side hovering the mouse shows "insert an image or video" upload the image and submit the revision. You still haven't identified the exact model or OS of your machine, or, when this first occurred.

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It appears your shortcuts have lost there linkage back to the original files which is why you are seeing the generic icon vs the discrete icon the app or document would normally have. This could be caused by moving or renaming the folder or the volume the original file was located. To fix this you will need to open each shortcut and relink the original file.

1. Using Terminal to Hide the Icons on the Desktop

Right click the icon and then select Get Info Within the general section note the Original entry see if you can figure out what changed. If you see the error you may find fixing the Folder or Volume path easier than fixing all of the discrete shortcuts. If you can't fix the pathing, you'll need to use the Select New Original button to relocate the file. The other option here is to locate the files and just make new shortcuts. Often when I see this when nothing has been altered the HD's Btree tables need repair.

I would strongly recommend you boot up under an external disk and run Disk Utility to fix both the permissions and the drive. You may need to run it though a few times to get all of the errors fixed and you still may need to boot up under single user for the desktop to get rebuilt as well.

But before you do this make sure you have a good backup! Lastly, you may want to defrag your HD as the table maybe badly fragmented. I like Drive Genius , there are others but I've found this is one of the better ones.

If you have a SSD you won't have fragmentation. Sorry, no easy way to explan. Maybe you will find creating new shortcuts easier. Open a new finder window of your HD, then use the search function to locate by name the different apps, drag copy using the shift to create new shortcuts on your desktop. You may want to visit an Apple Store genius. If you need more help.

Quick fixes for icons missing from your desktop

Don't forget to check your drives health if the shortcuts did this on their own. Show 5 more comments. Josh Mac. If all of your icons have disappeared on your Mac chances are you simply moved to another desktop or workspace. Click on "Mission Control" or search if your dock is missing as well, here you should be able to see the desktop with the icons. Hope this helps! Charlie C. What worked for me on my Mac was just to go to Finder and open it. It solved the problem right there. Everything was available again.

Restore icons default on mac

You should see a file called IconCache. Go ahead and right-click on it and choose Delete. Go ahead and restart the computer and see if that fixes your problem. The cache will be rebuilt when the computer restarts. You can also go back and check that the size of the file is smaller after the restart. If not, restart a couple of more times until you see the size is smaller.

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If none of the solutions above have worked, then you might have to take more drastic actions. One thing you can try is to create a user account, which will create a new user profile when you log in. There are many times when user profiles become corrupt and the only way to fix the resulting issues is to create a new profile.

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