Number keypad not working on mac keyboard

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This time I did it slowly and the number keys came back on BTW, I did a fresh install of snow leopard on an external hard drive and checked the Mouse Keys setting. Jul 26, 9: You are so very welcome. I am pleased to hear you got it working now. Oct 19, 1: When running windows on parallels, go to the windows start menu - all programs - accesories - ease of access - - - and open the "on screen keyboard". Then activate the numeric keypad and press the num lock key on so that numbers are displayed in the virtual keyboard.

Once you do that it should work. Nov 27, IT guy said it just wouldn't work on the PC side. Nov 27, 1: Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Jean M.

Solution for Mac OSX Keyboard Numbers Problems

Feuillet Jean M. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Thanks, Jean F. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Pondini Pondini. That lets you use the numeric pad instead of your mouse. Not new to Lion.

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View answer in context. Feuillet Well, I'm having the same problem! I cannot get the numbers on the numeric keypad to work. This is especially annoying when working with excel as you have to enter a lot of numbers! If this is intentional changed it's as stupid as the keyboard repeat not working anymore.

Loading page content. This setting is called Mouse Keys, which allows a user to control the onscreen cursor using the number pad on an extended keyboard. The most obvious indicator that Mouse Keys is the reason the numeric keypad is not working is that when you type a number, the mouse cursor moves very slightly, thus if you try to type a bunch of numbers the mouse cursor on screen may seem to jiggle around a bit in a small area.

This is not always very obvious though because the Mouse Keys feature is intended to be precise and allow for fine manipulation of onscreen elements, thus you should always check for the setting when troubleshooting the matter. Enjoy this tip?

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Funny, I experienced this exact problem very recently. So you can only tell by mashing a bunch of things and figuring out if something starts working.

And speaking of keyboards, this reminds me of the other weird keyboard decision but in the iOS world — the weirdo Caps Lock and Shift key!

Mac keyboards function and numeric keys not working at all

On an iOS device when the shift key arrow is white and the key is grey you will be typing lower case alpha characters. Single tap on the shift key to have a single upper case letter. The arrow is black and the key white it is single letter Upper Case. The arrow will be black with an underscore and the key is white. I just upgraded to IOS8 on my iPad and now my Lodgitech Bluetooth wireless keyboard no longer seems to work with the upgrae.

Can anyone help me? Please Help Me People!!! Are you talking about in Windows Bootcamp? I tried shift-clear also and nothing happens.

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My numpad keys always work no matter what. Check their site or support forum and see what TF is up? My wife had several times this problem in Word only in Word. What did work was deleting the Word preference. Thank you so much! Been using the stupid number keys over the top of the keyboard forever, but I love this Logitech keyboard I have. Now I can enjoy doing my bills at home again…kind of…they are bills after all. Thanks so much! When it was set up, the number pad worked OK. When I set up a second logon, the number pad stopped working.

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My new keyboard on my imac, the number keys stopped, I tried many , eventually I had other silly problems and shut down to reboot, on startup a suggestion came on the screen regards this and it said to press option key 5 times and it worked. HEY presto success. Thank you Apple community. Keyboard keypad works fine everywhere but the terminal app. Cannot get it to do anything but weird text like mouse keys — but those are turned off. Very frustrating! Looks like I need to google some more. I tried all of the suggestions. The numeric keypad works for all applications except MS Excel, which is where I need it most.

The problem started after I used CleanMyMac. I suspect that I deleted a file that was used by Excel. Any suggestions?

Some problem here. Please I need help with my Macbook Pro.

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  • Number Keypad Not Working on a Mac Keyboard? It’s a Simple Fix!
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  • Number pad keys not working.
  • My keyboard is working perfect except for the numeric no but 0 is working except for the other numbers. Thanks for the odd tip of pressing alt or option 5 times. Why I do not know, but it unblocked my keyboard. This article is great, I enjoyed reading it and it taught me what I needed to know about finding the num lock and clear button on a Mac keyboard.

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    I now have my number keypad back working again. Thanks for the help here. Thank you Glade. And you helped me fix the problem mouse settings. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. I was unable to use the right side of my wireless keyboard 7 8 9 u i o j k l m ,.

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    Thank you so much. Having none of the number keys working has been driving me mad for weeks. Using the pad would sometimes freeze everything so I would have to re-launch the Finder. Now thanks to you, turning Mouse keys OFF has given me back my numeric keypad. Thank you very very much again. The green LED on the upper right side of the keyboard briefly lights up.

    Verify that the keyboard is connected by pressing the Caps Lock key. If the keyboard is connected to your system, the Caps Lock light turns on when you press it. Make sure that your keyboard has power. Check the keys by typing in an app like Notes or TextEdit. If the tips on that page don't fix it, try these steps: Unplug all devices from your computer, including any connected mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, camera, iPod, external hard drive, and hub. Plug your keyboard and mouse back into your computer firmly and securely.

    Number Keypad Not Working on a Mac Keyboard? It’s a Simple Fix

    Make sure that the connector is completely in the port. USB plugs fit into ports one way only, and won't plug in if you try to insert them upside-down. If your keys still don't work, try plugging your keyboard in to the other USB ports. Be sure to try them all. Check to see if the keyboard's Caps Lock light turns on when you press it, and try typing in an app like Notes or TextEdit.

    Make sure that the cable you're using is the one that came with the keyboard, or is a Lightning to USB cable that you know is in working order. You can try a different Lightning to USB cable to test whether the cable is causing the issue.

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