Ping command to find mac address

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Learn the basics of computer networking at Udemy. The ping command is a diagnostic tool that helps you identify IP addresses and host names connected to a network.

How to ping a mac address - TechRepublic

You typically use it to identify if a remote computer is connected to the network. You can also use it to ping an IP address and get its fully qualified domain name. This type of trick works for any device with a network card.

For instance, you might want to find out how many printers are connected to a switch. You can telnet to that switch and run the arp command to see a list of devices including printers connected to that specific switch.

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The easiest way to practice with the ping, MAC and arp command is with your own computer. You probably have at least one device connected to your computer that you can view.

How to find mac address & Ip Address

You might have several network adapters registered, so find the IP address for your main network card in the list. After you find the IP address, you can run arp on your own computer.

This lists all of the network devices connected to your computer, and the list also includes MAC addresses. Understand how to build a computer and work with the hardware. Any hardware connected to your computer is listed, which could be a printer, router or a virtual device. Telnet is a way to connect to a remote device and run commands on that device.

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For instance, if your router or switch supports telnet, you telnet to the IP address. When you connect to the remote device, you would then run the same arp command.

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Get to know computer basics at Udemy. You enter DOS commands here followed by pressing the enter button. The results are displayed in the same window. This tells us that the device is online at this address. Network Unreachable meassages mean that there is no route to the target network subnet specified and usually comes from the router.

How to (remotely) read the MAC address

Host Unreachable usually indicates delivery failure to the target device, usually a wrong address for the device Destination Host Unreachable. Port Unreachable messages imply that the TCP socket or port on the destination device is not available.

Windows 8 and 10- Finding the IP Number and MAC Address of a Network Card

Most commonly you will see the message "request timed out" This implies a valid but not necessarily correct configuration at the PC end, but the target device has not responded in the time allowed, so check the configuration of the device, DVR, IP Camera etc. The most common reasons for a timeout are:- Your device is not switched on, your device has a configuration error, The device is not plugged in, the router is down or off, network response is too slow and exceeded the default response time of 1 second.

As most problems are as a result of a configuration error somewhere, it is fairly safe to recommend "thoroughly check and double check" the settings in every IP camera, DVR, PC and Router in the chain as its easy for an error to creep in.

ping command to find mac address Ping command to find mac address
ping command to find mac address Ping command to find mac address
ping command to find mac address Ping command to find mac address
ping command to find mac address Ping command to find mac address
ping command to find mac address Ping command to find mac address

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