Ping ip return mac address

Get mac addresses from CMD

This tells us that the device is online at this address. Network Unreachable meassages mean that there is no route to the target network subnet specified and usually comes from the router. Host Unreachable usually indicates delivery failure to the target device, usually a wrong address for the device Destination Host Unreachable.

Port Unreachable messages imply that the TCP socket or port on the destination device is not available. Most commonly you will see the message "request timed out" This implies a valid but not necessarily correct configuration at the PC end, but the target device has not responded in the time allowed, so check the configuration of the device, DVR, IP Camera etc. The most common reasons for a timeout are:- Your device is not switched on, your device has a configuration error, The device is not plugged in, the router is down or off, network response is too slow and exceeded the default response time of 1 second.

As most problems are as a result of a configuration error somewhere, it is fairly safe to recommend "thoroughly check and double check" the settings in every IP camera, DVR, PC and Router in the chain as its easy for an error to creep in. Just one dot in the wrong place in an IP configuration will cause an error.

This then returns all the information about the IP configuration of the PC.

When i run the Getmac command it returns 3 mac addresses. Which one is correct?

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What are the other 2 Mac addresses listed and what order do they appear in? Roberts, Good question. I am wondering the same thing. How do I know,which is the correct address for my laptop.

How to Use an IP Address to Find a MAC Address

Which do I use? Can u ppl please confirm till how much time the MAc address with Ip will be present in the routing table of system? I have a question. What does the Transport Name really mean, its use? Is it unique and two devices can never have same Transport Name? Can it be spoofed?

How to ping an IP address using an Apple Mac

So question is 1. Hi, is there any way to get a mac address of an ethernet device that was previously connected to my computer?? Leave this field empty.

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Reply Link. Thank you! OS — Windows XP. You can also use nbtstat -a ipaddress or nbtstat -a hostname.

PingInfoView - Ping to multiple host names/IP addresses

Thanks Jake, you hit the nail. This is what solved my problem. Thank you. How do i use arp -a to determine a duplicate ip. I have mac address of device. How to get IP address of a device based on mac address?

ping ip return mac address Ping ip return mac address
ping ip return mac address Ping ip return mac address
ping ip return mac address Ping ip return mac address
ping ip return mac address Ping ip return mac address
ping ip return mac address Ping ip return mac address
ping ip return mac address Ping ip return mac address

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