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How to Add a Mac to a Homegroup (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: roaminggnome roaminggnome. You should probably post in a more appropriate forum. Aug 7, AM in response to roaminggnome In response to roaminggnome Sorry About that, i didn't really noticed, i just entered the forum and created a post, i did not saw it was for iphone Zeitcatcher macrumors newbie.

May 11, 1 0. Thanks to this solution, I've resolved an issue with not being able to connect to Airport Extreme network drive. It used to say that the password was wrong, but after those changes I've been able to connect to it without any problems. Thanks for sharing. Sep 1, 2 0.

This worked perfectly for my iMac, but my mac pro isn't showing up on windows 7. However both macs can see the PC now. Jul 25, 50 0. I made the changes in the security policy as above, and both are on the same router. Any advice? Oct 29, 1 0. Inglo macrumors newbie.

Oct 31, 1 0. There's no group policy editor in 7 Home Premium Any idea what to do without being able to edit those settings? I have vuze media server running on my macbook pro and Windows 7 can see that without difficulty. Nov 3, 7 0. Hi guys, I'm new to this board.

Network setup for PC and Mac

I too have been having a lot of trouble networking my Windows 7 computer with my Macbook Pro which is running OS X I have HomeGroup set up on the Win7 computer and everything is set to Share On, but that shouldn't matter since HomeGroup is not an option with Mac computers yet. I also followed all the steps in the initial post of this thread, though I noticed a few of the steps weren't exactly the same as how they were described. Closest thing I have is just "Local Policies" and then below it, once i expand the menu, "Security Options".

I assume that's what you meant. Again, I assume this is what you meant. I don't have anything that lists that.

Once for "clients" and once for "servers". You didn't specify which one I should De-select Require bit encryption for. So I just did it for both. I hope that was right. In fact, there's nothing there right now. So I then delved in further, and made sure my entire 'Dennis' pictures, documents, videos, etc folder was shared. I then went into said folder and individually Shared each folder within it. I did this by right clicking each, going to Properties, then to Sharing, then make sure they were Shared.

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I then went yet another step further and clicked 'Advanced Sharing' and made sure they were Shared there too. After doing all of this, and rebooting again I still don't see the Win7 drive on my Mac. On the Mac end, everything is set to share in System Preferences. So currently, I'm screwed.

Any other options or ideas? So it appears to be working and sharing on the Windows side. I just can't get my Macbook Pro to recognize it yet. Write down the "Computer Name" displayed at the top. You'll need this later when setting up the connection. Check the "File Sharing" box to enable file sharing.

When you select it, you'll see new options appear to the right. Click the "Options. This will display the file sharing options. Ensure that "Share files and folders using SMB" is selected. This is the file sharing protocol that allows you to connect to Windows computers. Check the "On" box for your account in the "Windows File Sharing" section.

This will allow you to access all of your Mac's files from the Windows computer.

How do I… Add Macs To A Windows Workgroup?

Open Windows Explorer on your Windows computer. Click the "Network" option in the left sidebar. You may have to scroll a bit to find it. Look for your Mac in the list of network computers. It will have the name you noted in Step 3 of this section. Enter your Mac username and password. When you select your Mac, you'll be prompted to enter your username and password for your Mac user account. Once you enter this, you'll be able to view your Mac's folders and files.

No, the sharing settings for your Mac and Windows connection are essentially separate from your HomeGroup settings. Performing the steps above will not affect your HomeGroup settings between Windows computers. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6. You can't. Microsoft owns Windows and Apple owns Mac, and they don't like each other.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. My Windows computer is on the same network as my Mac, but it's not showing up in the shared folder on the Mac. How do I get it to show? Both machines have to have file-sharing enabled.

share windows 7 homegroup with mac Share windows 7 homegroup with mac
share windows 7 homegroup with mac Share windows 7 homegroup with mac
share windows 7 homegroup with mac Share windows 7 homegroup with mac
share windows 7 homegroup with mac Share windows 7 homegroup with mac
share windows 7 homegroup with mac Share windows 7 homegroup with mac
share windows 7 homegroup with mac Share windows 7 homegroup with mac
share windows 7 homegroup with mac Share windows 7 homegroup with mac

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