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If your internet connection dies, your viewing pleasure does too, and most parents of small children will know the agony that results when Hey Duggee starts buffering at a key moment; and there is also the danger that videos will be taken offline in the future and you won't be able to access them at all.

There's also the scenario where every night you end up streaming exactly the same Blaze and the Monster Machines episodes - you could save a ton of data if you had those episodes saved on your Mac. It therefore makes sense to download to your Mac permanent copies or temporary ones, depending on licensing rights of the videos you or the kids enjoy most online. In this article we outline how to do this, for various popular video sites and services.

It is possible, in many cases, to record video of whatever is happening on your Mac's screen.

Downloading Videos, Music and More with Youtube DL

In a way that is similar to taking a screenshot, you can make a screencast of whatever is happening - including any video that happens to be playing. It is possible to use this inbuilt way of recording what is happening on your screen in order to make video recordings of content you can watch in YouTube and other streaming sites although it doesn't always work, so we have specific tips below for the different services.

How can I convert YouTube videos to downloadable MP4 files on a Mac?

The way that this works changed in Mojave. Prior to Mojave it was necessary to use QuickTime to record the video. We explain how to record the screen of your Mac in Mojave here. We also cover how to use QuickTime to record your screen in the same article.

6 Different Ways to Download Videos from YouTube to your Mac

Automatically creates a folder where you can save the downloaded video in the same window. Has inbuilt browsers that facilitate the speed at which you download the YouTube videos. Cons: The app has single interface that limits the access of multiple video site at the same time. You can use this video downloader app both in Mac and Windows device.

You can download both HD and full HD videos using this application. One of the biggest advantages of using this app for downloading YouTube videos is that it provides immunity from virus and malware attacks. Thus, your stored files are safe and secure in your Mac. It supports Unicode that lets the users save videos with certain non-standard characters.

The name itself Total Video Downloader explains the work it does. Total Video Downloader is a simple tool which downloads any type of video present on not only Youtube but other video sharing websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Besides the simple function of downloading videos in just one format it offers a simple layout as well.

You will find a number of shortcuts to popular video sharing websites on its window.

You can easily download your favorite videos using the shortcut links present there. Its display screen resemble that of a browser. This makes it easier to handle without complicated buttons. It is another YouTube downloader Mac software that can be used to download videos and audio files directly from the YouTube.

This application is also known as the YouTube browser. With it you will be able to browse the YouTube channel to check all the available videos. The search function of the video downloader is robust. You will be able to check all the available videos on the YouTube channel. Thus, you will be able to download your favorite videos after checking all the videos that are there on the channel. It actually works like a browser to search for the desired videos.

There is a search bar on the application. As you type the name of songs, or artists, or albums,the app shows all the available ones in YouTube. Thus, you can check and choose the one that you need to download. Tubulator does not just provide you with information regarding the number of videos that are available on YouTube, but also helps the user with additional information like the duration of the videos, the quality you can expect and the thumbnails.

There are quite a few format options available with the videos that will be downloaded, Still users feel that there needs to be more formats than just the available ones on Tubulator. The videos are generally converted to MP4. You can also select the desired video quality if you are using Tubulator for downloading YouTube videos.

Orbit is one of the most popular video downloader that people use. With the help of this downloader application you will be able to search and download all YouTube files. Owing to the ease of use, this downloader application is used by millions of people. It does not just download videos from the YouTube, but also from various other sites on the web and also from various social media sites.

It is capable of detecting and downloading videos from sites like Dailymotion, and MySpace. It is capable of downloading videos even from those sites that use the anti-leeching technology. If you use this video downloader, you will never miss any video that is being uploaded on YouTube. This is yet another versatile software to download YouTube videos on Mac.

You will be able to download different YouTube videos and will also be able to save those in different formats within the application.

With Airy Downloader, you will be able to extract and download only the soundtrack. There are both paid and free versions of the application that you can use. And you can get a "Download" button to capture the whole YouTube playlist, channel and category. You can also directly play the video with the built-in HD media player. This YouTube Downloader Mac is totally free with no ads or virus. Desktop Products Resources Support Downloads. Last but definitely not least comes user-friendliness. Saving video files and converting them between formats is second nature to some of us, but not everyone who wants to download videos is a computer expert.

The best Youtube video downloaders should be easy to use and provide some kind of tutorial or knowledgebase to help their users with any questions they may have.

MacX YouTube Downloader Features

Wondershare makes a number of programs in the digital video sector, and AllMyTube is an excellent addition to their software library. It covers the very basic requirement of downloading videos from Youtube and then goes well above and beyond. You can even transfer them directly from the program to a mobile companion app, which makes AllMyTube your one-stop video download shop.

YouTube downloader

The Download section of AllMyTube. The interface is cleanly designed, and breaks the program down into 5 basic sections: Download, Record, Convert, Transfer, and Online. It gives you simple instructions on how to download your videos, although the first method only works with Internet Explorer or Firefox, not Chrome or Edge. The second process is almost as simple and will work no matter what browser you use since it just requires a quick copy and paste of the video URL.

The Record section. The conversion process is as easy as the rest of the functions: simply choose the video you want to convert, and then choose the device that you want to play the resulting video on. If you want to download several videos at once, you can either download playlists or copy and paste multiple URLs. It said that it detected a Samsung device, but the model number it lists actually refers to a Galaxy S6 Edge, which I have never owned.

The Transfer section, when working properly on my laptop. However, when I tested it using my laptop, the process worked instantly as described by the program, and I was able to transfer videos without any problems whatsoever. As always, make sure that you have the correct rights and permissions before you download from a video host. If you ever get stuck while using AllMyTube or you want a quick introduction that covers how to use all the features, Wondershare provides a decent quickstart guide.


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The limitations of the trial version vs. Get Wondershare AllMyTube. You can download from a variety of sources, not just Youtube, and you can set up channel subscriptions to start downloads automatically whenever a new video is uploaded to the channel. It reads the URL directly from the clipboard and asks you what resolution and format you want to save the clip as.

Interestingly enough, you can also import a spreadsheet in CSV format containing a list of URLs, although if you want to download more than 25 at a time, you need to purchase a license key. You also need to purchase a license key if you want to download subtitles along with your video clips, although the rest of the program is completely free. There are also some neat features hidden away in the Preferences. Get 4K Video Downloader. If you are looking for a pure Mac YouTube video downloader, then Folx is for you.

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free on macOS 10.14

The app has a super sleek interface that makes it extremely easy to manage your downloads. Folx is fetching the content of this video, soon I am able to watch the Apple Event Recap on my iPhone. Folx immediately detects that the video is from YouTube and a new window pops up see the screenshot above. The download speed is blazingly fast! In my experience, it usually takes seconds to finish downloading a MB YouTube video — of course, it also depends on your Internet speed.

Folx also offers an extension for major web browsers Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera , making it even easier to download videos. All you have to do is install the extension in your browser, though a restart may be required. Once you come across an interesting video on YouTube, just click on the Folx browser icon and the Folx app will respond automatically. Below is a quick comparison table that shows all the differences between the two versions. Get Folx Mac.

youtube downloader for mac safe Youtube downloader for mac safe
youtube downloader for mac safe Youtube downloader for mac safe
youtube downloader for mac safe Youtube downloader for mac safe
youtube downloader for mac safe Youtube downloader for mac safe
youtube downloader for mac safe Youtube downloader for mac safe
youtube downloader for mac safe Youtube downloader for mac safe
youtube downloader for mac safe Youtube downloader for mac safe

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